Finance Calculator...

Bob Vale Coach Sales are independant from finance companies and do not try to push customers through any particular company if they require finance. We DO NOT offer finance ourselves, but if you do need a finance quotation, there are brokers that we can put you in touch with to assist you with this. We do not operate on a commission basis - these brokers simply act in your best interests to achieve the optimum borrowing rates for you.

We have provided a finance calculator tool to the right to help provide you with an estimate of what repayments might be. This is ONLY TO BE USED AS A GUIDE - any figures shown are only an illustration of what finance payments might be. For accurate calculations, you would need to contact a finance broker. We have setup this calculator to use flat-rate interest rates, and have provided 5 different interest rates to choose from. If your business accounts are strong, then the lowest rate may be suitable. If your accounts are not so strong, you could try the higher rates instead.
Note that many finance houses would require a minimum 10% deposit.

Also note that since we no longer function as an independent dealer, any purchase you make would be direct from the current vehicle owner and finance companies are therefore likely to apply more rigorous checks and perform an asset inspection.

For legal reasons, we have to remind you that any figures shown in this calculator do not in any way constitute an offer of finance - the tool is entirely for illustrative purposes.