Road Tax & Personalised Registrations

Bob Vale Coach Sales Ltd are no longer able to take-in a vehicle where you intend to retain a personalised registration. You will need to either sell a vehicle with your registration staying on it (and losing that registration to the new owner), or complete the retention of your registration prior to selling the vehicle.

Our advice would be that if you are thinking about selling a vehicle, get the documentation process completed as soon as you can. Then you would be able to sell or part-exchange your vehicle when the V5C and MOT certificates have all been changed to show the new registration.

Regulations have changed...

UK Road Tax regulations changed on October 1st 2014.

From this date, when a vehicle is sold, road tax is no longer transferable from the previous owner to the new owner. Any remaining road tax left on the vehicle will be automatically refunded to the previous owner when DVLA receive notification of change of ownership (only complete months, of course!). The new owner must tax the vehicle themselves when they purchase the vehicle.

To tax a vehicle, the new owner would need to either apply for the road tax online, or make a visit to a Post Office instead with the relevant documentation - both the V5C registration document and MOT certificate must be available.

Retaining a Personalised Registration

If you have a vehicle that you are selling or want to part-exchange and it has a personalised registration that you would like to retain, you will have to complete this process before you sell your vehicle. This is because the V5C and MOT would have to be provided with the vehicle so that it can then be taxed by a new owner.

The way the system used to work was that the remaining tax would be left on the vehicle whilst the documentation was changed. This system cannot now be used.